Desklodge Bristol


Tom Ball is a firm believer in Bristol as “a world-class city” and a trendsetter. Which is why, earlier this year, it was in Bristol that he set up arguably the coolest new co-working space in the city, situated not far from Bristol Temple Meads station and Cabot Circus.

Inspiration came from a shortage of flexible workspaces, and a firm belief in the need for diversity. As Tom says, “There are lots of places that are very focused on only ‘young tech companies’ or ‘creatives’ – which is wonderful, but we wanted to build a place where everyone is welcome.” The space is a breath of fresh air in this sense and has striven to provide for a broad range of freelancers: “We offer flexible spaces for different ways to work.” These include a private library coding room, several different themed areas and private offices and phone booths, designed to provide the facilities for any freelancer to work to their fullest. There is also what Tom refers to as a ‘Town Square’ where everyone can work and meet others. Packages available are very flexible for hot-desking – by the hour, day or unlimited. “We want people to come in and be happy to be here, be social, be part of a community and, most importantly, be productive.”

DeskLodge is currently a one-of-a-kind space, but there are plans in the not too distant future for expansion. As Tom says, “The reaction has been so strong that already we are thinking about growing and opening a few more locations.”