IPSE's Six Point Plan

IPSE's Six Point Plan

IPSE's six point plan for making Brexit a success

After the historic decision to leave the EU, we must now embark on the biggest political and economic transformation of recent times. One in seven of the workforce are now self-employed. If Government wants to build an economy that works for the whole country, it is imperative the self-employed are supported for the UK labour market to adapt and thrive. IPSE’s six-point plan, presented by IPSE CEO Chris Bryce to the Prime Minister at a recent meeting at Downing Street, clearly illustrates how to embrace the talent and dynamism of the self-employed. The full details of the plan are now available on the Policy section of the IPSE website.

Brexit Members' Views

Myles Scrancher

Director, Sharp Contract & Surveying

“As expected I have seen no immediate impact on my company or in the future forecast workload of my business (at least in the medium term). Public capital spending is likely to remain in place and I can only see an increased need for large infrastructure projects in the UK to make the country an even more attractive proposition in which to do business post Brexit. Who knows, the UK might just become a major trade hub, linking trade and investment from the rest of the world with the EU.”

Natasha Plowman

Founder and Director, Spinning Red

“I’m still in shock that this vote has come to pass. I believed before it would be disastrous and now even more so. The years of uncertainty we will endure is unprecedented and will affect us all. I’m already seeing access to funding stalled and plans on hold. Worse, the lies and divisiveness from the Leave camp have been shown – people have been duped.”

Paul Allington

Freelancer of the Year 2015

“The result has only heightened my sense of frustration. Had our government actually engaged and listened to the general public, set out clear arguments and demonstrated a plan for both sides I think the result would have been very different. So far I see no reason for it to have affected me and my business, no direct impact anyway. Actually once the negotiations are all over, I think I could be in a stronger position, but I doubt I’ll see that for a long time.”