Kick boxer leaves Nats black and blue

Kick boxer leaves Nats black and blue


If Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson was a Member of Parliament she would be in the Cabinet. 

That’s a given.

Away from Westminster and Downing Street there are few people as powerful within the party as this dynamic politician. This five foot five, lesbian, kick boxer and former Territorial Army signaller is no shrinking violet and fights to ensure her voice is heard. 

As Central Office awakened to the mother of all political hangovers on the morning of Friday June 9th there was only one bright spot on the Conservative electoral landscape: Scotland. Ruth and her band of close advisors had boosted the number of Conservative MPs in Scotland from 1 to 13. 

There has been a resounding body of opinion that Ruth should head for Westminster and that day may well come, but not before the next Holyrood elections in 2021. The man who first saw the potential of Ruth many years ago was former No 10 advisor Ramsay Jones and how No 10 could have benefitted from Ramsay’s wise council in the last few months. 

Those who would write off Nicola Sturgeon should do so at their peril. Nicola spent many years serving her apprenticeship and she and her team knew that Theresa May’s snap election had caught them on the wrong foot. Her demand for an INDY2 referendum was the wrong call, at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. 

The Indy2 bus is now parked in some obscure Highland glen just outside Brigadoon and will stay there until there is another Braveheart moment. 

With 21 former SNP MPs looking for alternative employment it was inevitable the Sgian Dubhs (Highland dress daggers) would be sharpened. But, surprisingly, it was not Nicola under attack, but her husband Peter Murrell, the party’s Chief Executive who was the target for recriminations. Until now they have been the golden couple, but Kenny MacAskill, a former SNP cabinet secretary questioned their power and influence over the party. 

MacAskill is seen as a voice in the political wilderness, a rebel throughout his career and a man who could start a political fight in an empty debating chamber. 

Behind the scenes, Peter Murrell has been the unsung hero of the SNP bringing the party into the 21st century with ease and leaving the Scottish Labour Party floundering in the dark ages. 

That said, Labour in Scotland did better than expected. IPSE members should be delighted to see Ian Murray, Edinburgh South returned to Westminster, a man who understands the goals of IPSE and the self-employed. In the cold light of day Labour, once the most powerful force north of the border are now demoted into third place. 

At Westminster, the SNP depleted army has a new leader and it is quite amazing what appearing on an IPSE platform can do for your career! Ian Blackford, MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber was IPSE’s guest at a debate on the self-employed at the SNP Conference in Aberdeen a few years ago and has succeeded Angus Robertson as the man facing up to Teresa May at Question Time. 

Sky’s the limit? Not for our Ian. 

But the key question is: who will Ian be facing at PMQT after the summer recess and the autumn party conferences?