Message from the CEO / Aug 2016

Message from the CEO / Aug 2016



It’s been at the top of the news agenda for months and IPSE have been hard at work ensuring the self-employed are considered front and centre in post-Brexit economic plans. We believe new circumstances bring new opportunities, so this is our focus going forwards. During this period of change, it’s important to shine a light on just how vital the voice of business and of the self-employed will be in keeping our economy competitive and flexible. And to show how influential independent professionals and the self-employed are in the UK. This is where our research team have been busy.

Earlier this month I was invited to Number 10 as part of a roundtable with leaders of business groups. IPSE is the largest representative body for the self-employed in the UK, and I set out to the Prime Minister a clear and actionable six point plan to enable this rapidly growing sector post-Brexit. You can see more on this plan, and hear from IPSE members, in the pages of this issue, as we ask the question: what has changed since the outcome of the referendum, and how will it affect businesses?

IPSE’s six point plan is our contribution to the discussion on how to make Brexit work, and it is available on the IPSE website. We will share this document with MPs as well as IPSE’s network of stakeholders, policy makers and industry leaders. We have already hosted a roundtable with a group of leading business organisations. One thing is clear, the flexibility of our economy is what makes it successful. We will continue to work closely going forward.

The Public Sector Blunder

For contractors working through intermediaries in the public sector, the dark clouds we warned of previously are on the horizon and are drawing ever closer. It’s our duty to fight a Government proposal to radically change how IR35 works in the public sector and ensure it doesn’t spread into the private sector. We have now published the report we commissioned from Oxford Economics on the huge economic contribution of LtdCo freelancers (PSCs) to UK plc, and IPSE members told us how proposed changes will affect those contracting in the public sector. The results are telling, and are as predicted – the public sector will be hugely damaged if these changes go ahead. The flexibility of our economy will be at risk if HMRC makes the mistake of implementing these unfair, unnecessary and unjust proposals and IPSE is committed to fighting them at all levels. We’ll be letting our members know what they can do to fend o‑ this attack on the way we work over the coming weeks.

Through all of this IPSE is here to represent you, the UK’s freelancers, contractors, interim managers, and all those making up the 4.8 million self-employed. If you are a member, thank you for your support. If not, join us to make our voice stronger.