National Freelancers Day 2017

National Freelancers Day 2017

Inspiration for the nation

Thursday 8 June is a big day in everyone’s calendars – and not just because of a certain general election. It’s also National Freelancers Day: a celebration of the UK’s two million freelancers and the massive contribution they make not just to the economy, but also to the country’s ingenuity and culture.

IPSE will be celebrating National Freelancers Day with a host of events up and down the country.

In London, there will be a series of masterclasses, seminars and workshops on contracts, setting and maximising rates, working internationally in a post-Brexit world, and much more.

There will be insightful talks and panel discussion too, with experts from across the world of freelancing and beyond, including:

• Mark Haines and Ashley Driver from HSBC

• Griselda Togobo from Forward Ladies

• Luke Somerset from Contractor Mortgages Made Easy

• Adam Byrnes from

• Frank Meadon from Aegon Insurance

• Nikesh Desai, Close Brothers

• Jacqui Whyatt from Kelly OCG

• Rianda Markram, Edward Pearce and Elsa Caleb from LHS Solicitors’ LLP

• Emmeline Pidgen, 2016 Winner of the Inspire IPSE Award

• Kelly Gilmour-Grassam, 2015 Winner of the Aspire IPSE Award

• Ben Matthews, 2015 Runner Up for the Inspire IPSE Award

• Craig McDougall, 2015 Finalist for the Aspire IPSE Award.

• Matt Dowling, The Freelancer Club

• Paul Mason, Abbey Tax

• Judith Dugdale, Moore and Smalley

Outside London, IPSE will be hosting satellite events in Bristol and Manchester. At both events, attendees will have the chance to not only network and build up connections, but also learn about IPSE and the support they offer, as well as how to start up and develop a freelance career.

Each satellite event will also be live-streaming workshops and talks from London, as well as hosting special regional panel discussions.

Freelancer of the Year Awards

The centrepiece of the big day, of course, is the Freelancer of the Year Awards.

There are two main categories: Aspire, for freelancers under the age of 23 and Inspire, for established freelancers aged 24 and over.

The judging for the 2017 awards took place on Thursday 13 April. The finalists came from every walk of life and career, from track engineering and software development, to graphic design and even origami sculpture.

The winners of the awards will be announced on 8 June at a special evening event, hosted by comedian Ellie Taylor and including a talk from IPSE chief executive Chris Bryce.