Northern lights - who will shine the brightest

Northern lights - who will shine the brightest


Jim Callaghan was Prime Minister; Michael Jackson was No. 1 in the charts; peanut farmer Jimmy Carter was President of the USA and the film Rocky won an Oscar.

It was 1977. It was also the last time the Labour Party was thrown out of power in Glasgow.

Following the local government elections, the SNP look set to govern a minority administration in Glasgow with a little help from the Greens. But, it was the election of Conservative councillors in some of the most deprived areas of Scotland that raised quite a few political eyebrows.

Kick boxing Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson gave the Labour Party such a going over they are still recovering in the political intensive care department.

Throughout Scotland, the Conservatives gained 161 councillors to finish with 276, while Labour lost 132 to finish with 262 councillors.

So where does that leave us in the run up to the general election?

While Brexit is at the forefront of general election thinking in England, Northern Ireland and Wales; in Scotland the decision by the SNP to demand a second independence referendum has become the political hot potato, pushing Brexit into second place in the argument.

Those who know Nicola Sturgeon recognise there is a shrewd political brain, but many are wondering if Theresa May’s decision to call this snap election has wrong-footed the nimble Nicola.

OK, Nicola can say she gained six more councillors to boost the overall figures to 431, but there are several Nat MPs who could well be looking for a new career come 9 June.

It should be remembered that both the Conservatives and Labour have each only one MP with a Scottish seat at Westminster. The old joke that there were more pandas in Edinburgh Zoo than Conservative MPs is about to be made redundant.

But if IPSE’s old friend, the highly effective Ian Murray, loses his Edinburgh South seat, Labour MPs could end up as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster.

While the SNP will win the vast majority of Scottish seats in the general election, their stunning 2015 total of 56 could well be cut to around 46.

Two of the victorious tartan army of 2015, Natalie McGarry and Michelle Thomson, have been deselected and are the subject of unresolved legal cases, and their seats Glasgow East and Edinburgh West are up for grabs.

Some high-profile SNP candidates have a fight on their hands, such as Westminster Leader Angus Robertson in Moray; and John Nicolson, Pete Wishart, Calum Kerr and Kirsten Oswald will all have to watch out for Ruth’s blue tsunami.

Remembering Scotland voted to remain in the EU, the issues on 8 June will be simple:

  • Indyref2 and the possibility of re-joining the EU, and remember I did say possibility: vote SNP.
  • The Union, a hard Brexit, and the new Girls Aloud, Ruth and Theresa: vote Conservative.
  • And if you hanker for the days of Michael Jackson and Jimmy Carter: vote Labour.

 One final thought: Sally Cogley from Ayrshire won her local seat standing for the Rubbish Party. Now the good people of the Irvine Valley can say without fear of contradiction that their elected candidate is rubbish!

By Jim Cassidy