Rookie Oven, Glasgow

Rookie Oven, Glasgow


RookieOven is a co-working space at the centre of a tech revolution and appears in the top 20 clusters in the UK, according to the Tech Nation 2016 report. According to Michael Hayes, one of the Founders: “RookieOven started in 2011 as a meet-up to bring together tech start-ups in Glasgow. The community grew over the years until it became natural to open up a space… I felt a coworking space with event space would be a perfect hub to bring people together.”

It is now home to a wide range of tech professionals, further fuelled by a city supporting this sector. As Michael says: “We have a broad range of skillsets in the space, from web and mobile development to design and photography.”

The final thing that sets RookieOven apart? “For me it’s the calibre of people who work here. We have some of the very best tech talent in the city working from RookieOven. But the space is also unique being in the drawing offices of a Victorian shipyard; we have tonnes of natural light and, as a developer, it’s cool to work in a space with such a proud engineering heritage.”

Prices start at £120 + VAT a month and come with a host of benefits.