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  • From the Lobby/ April 2017

    From the Lobby/ April 2017

    When I left Conservative Central Office in 1995 I was asked by my erstwhile colleagues what I was going to do after I’d walked out...
  • From the Lobby / Jan 2017

    From the Lobby / Jan 2017

    In January there’s the usual shudder from freelancers across the UK at the TV adverts, letters and email reminders that can only mean one thing...

  • From the Lobby 58

    From the Lobby 58

    The two main UK party conferences are now gatherings of the excited. They are closer to evangelical revivalist meetings. Those in attendance arrive to pay...

  • From the Lobby 57

    From the Lobby 57

    The British political scene is rarely dull, but the last few months have seen so much excitement and turmoil that at times you wondered if...

  • From The Lobby 56

    From The Lobby 56

    After years of bickering, arguments over money, affairs of state, falling out of love, we just drifted apart. Now we are to divorce. The referendum...

  • From The Lobby / Apr 2016

    From The Lobby / Apr 2016

    One of the most notable things about this EU referendum has been that the loudest voice in British business has been for Britain to remain....

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