From the Lobby

  • From The Lobby 54: Holyrood

    From The Lobby 54: Holyrood

    There is a slightly feverish atmosphere in the Scottish Parliament at the moment: it can be felt in the committee rooms, along the corridors and...

  • From The Lobby 54: Westminster

    From The Lobby 54: Westminster

    Wednesday 25th November was billed as a seminal moment in modern history. The Tory government – shorn of its soft-hearted Lib Dem coalition partners would...

  • From The Lobby 52

    From The Lobby 52

    The party of labour has often struggled with its approach to capital, and the signs from Jeremy Corbyn’s first speech to his annual conference were...

  • From The Lobby 53

    From The Lobby 53

    David Cameron started out as Conservative leader not wanting to talk about the European Union, chiding his party for “banging on about Europe”. But in...

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