Issue 53

Issue 53

In this edition of IPSE Magazine we celebrate all that is good about working for yourself. You can read full coverage of National Freelancers Day, including interviews with our newly crowned Inspire and Aspire Award winners.

In late November, IPSE launched the Centre for Research on Self-Employment. We have full coverage from the launch event held in the swanky surroundings of the National Gallery. You can also read about the results of our recent survey work on whether the UK should ‘remain’ in or ‘leave’ the EU, including commentary from political journalist Asa Bennett.

That’s not all. Every November the Chancellor delivers his Autumn Statement, which is something of a mini-budget, and this year was no different. You can read inside what this means for you and your business.

There are also changes afoot with IPSE Magazine. Our next edition will be digital only and we have even more exciting plans for the mag.

Enjoy the read.

James Gribben


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