Issue 58

Issue 58

This issue of IPSE Magazine is absolutely jam packed with advice on being an independent professional in today’s world. From top tips on how to market your business, to business planning, to tax and pensions, we have it covered.

Our headline feature looks at some of the rules, regulations and risks involved in working for yourself and what you can do to make sure you are prepared. We are delighted to welcome back former editor turned freelance writer Ben Smith, who offers advice on how to write a business plan – something he has recent experience of. A big question on many people’s minds is how the EU referendum impacted on business. We bring you the latest insight from our Confidence Index to open a door on this. And Steve Richards, of Rock ’n’ Roll Politics and the Week in Westminster fame, reports back on what’s new in Parliament and how it relates to the self-employed.

All told, there’s a lot of reading. We hope you enjoy it.

James Gribben

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